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10 May 2006 @ 11:38 am
Hey Everybody,

Long time no post, but here I am. And I am challenging you. I will try to keep myself to a certain diet for 50 day's starting today 10 may ending 30 june!! Who's with me!! No binging alllowed!! You can post each week how much you lost and how many day's you've kept going!!
This is what I'll do for 50 day's I've done it once before and it worked for me then so why not now!!
bounty (57gram) or between bar (or other choc or cereal bar) or something of bread (ciabatta piece)
apple (you can eat one half in the early morning and one later in the morning)
Fruit (max 2pieces, apple, chinese pear)
yohurt dessert small portion (for dutch people activia, max 2 kopjes vla)
tea or if you'd like cofee.

EXC means exercize try 30-40 minutes per day biking!! (that's where I will start with)

So what do you think? You can choose your own product maybe you know something that works better for you! But remember take something you like in the early morning so that you won't crave for it later on!! When you eat try to eat slowly you can drink as much water as you'd like!
Whish me luck and feel free to join me I'll postevery week how much I've lost I can't mention my current weight now it's too embarresing for me but I'll keep posting my loss, you do the same if you want to share.
Good Luck!!
21 April 2006 @ 04:55 pm
I have updated with new pictures.... please read the paragraph before the pictures before you comment i would really appreciate it
thank you so much girls ♥

30 January 2006 @ 12:28 am
I have two questions.

The first one being this, I get a headache everyday at the same time of day. It always hits a little after 3, no matter what. Their not migraines, since I suffer from them and know what those feel like. I was wondering if there due to being hungry. Though at the time that they do hit, I'm not physically hungry. Its seldom that I am hungry. So, in your honest opinion, what do you think is going on? My mom claims that I'm hungry and that's why they hit everyday at the same time. What does she know?

My second question is this. Is it possible to lose a lb. in a week? I'm sure it is, but at the same time I'm extremely doubtful and need to drop at least a lb. before this Friday (Feb. 3). I've been working my ass off and it feels like nothings come off. I restict to 300 and under calories a day and I'm just barely eating as it is already. I don't know what else to do. HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!! I hope to be lower that 131 in no time. It feels like I've gained and that my body is just punishing me even more. Not to mention working against me, like it agrees with everyone else in keeping me fat.
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05 February 2006 @ 08:21 pm
I left for a while because i got very very side tracked and my eating disorder went int he complete opposite direction. Lets just say my ED phycoligist and my nutritionist are VERY happy.... I started waking up each day sneaking food into my room and binging. I am ready to stop and it has been driving me mad. I am ready to be weightless and invisable.
I had a physical today and here are my stats:

Height - 4'10
Weight- 93

I have gained so much, my bmi is gross.
My new diet started today and isnt going to end until i cant stand up anymore. Eat as little as possible but more then nothing so my metabolism gets a kick and work out.

Day one-
Workout--- no workout because ive been eating for liek 2 months (binging) so now that im in starvation mode again my head is poundingg!!!

Food intake-
1 yellow apple
6 pineapple peices (the diced squares)


Diet day 1 (( will take more pix next monday ))
Critisize me please!

11 January 2006 @ 06:30 pm
hey, looking for anyone who wants to be friends

just for info, my stats:

age: 16
height: 5"4
CW: 122
LW: 122...woo!
HW: 136
STGM: 113
LTGM: 105

my current lj-friends don't know how to comment. FYI, i post progress pictures in my journal and update about every week, give or take.

post on here/friends only entry if your interested!!
08 January 2006 @ 08:17 am
- Name: Brittany

- Age: 26

- Location: Maryland

- How did you find this community? someone in longtobethin

- Do you have an Eating Disorder? yes

- If so please name it: anorexia

- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? a couple

- If so please name it: anorexia and bulimia

- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? neutral

- Why is this? i am neutral for the fact that i hate seeing other people suffer from this disease because its an awful one. yet at the same time, i have it and i cant seem to stop it. i just want to be skinny.
- Pictures: (Optional)

height: 5'2"
CW: 104
HW: 135 [when i was pregnant]
LW: 82

i would just like to make some friends who understand what its like to suffer from this. no matter how much weight i lose, i dont SEE it and thats the hardest thing. when i lose weight, to me, i look like i have gained weight when i look in the mirror. so i want to lose more since i cant see it. its frustrating. hopefully i can meet some of you nice people. thanks for reading.
07 January 2006 @ 11:33 pm
- Name: Sadie
- Age: 17
- Location: Alabama
- How did you find this community? A promo in another community
- Do you have an Eating Disorder? yes
- If so please name it: anorexia && i use to have exercise bulimia but i don't really anymore
- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? well all the people i know online. only 1 of my friends knows about my ED b/c she has one too
- If so please name it: she's bulimic
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? i guess i'm pro/neutral
- Why is this? while i know it's not healthy, it's an addiction for me and i don't plan on getting help anytime soon.
PicturesCollapse )
*feel free to add me! i love new friends*
07 January 2006 @ 03:06 am
Tonight was a bad night, tonight as in about 20 minutes ago. I watched an old video of myself, well not that old- from april, and I miss my body so much. My upper body was so much thinner than what it is now. My arms were so much tinier. I could fit into a size 5 dress and it was still loose on me. I want that back. It cant be that difficult, right? I know I'm going to be even more critical of myself now. I know Im going to turn more anorexic than I am, which will almost be full anorexia. There is nothing wrong with a curvy body, so why do I want to get rid of mine so bad?
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12 December 2005 @ 04:32 pm
- Name: Caitlin

- Age: 19

- Location: Massachusetts

- How did you find this community? looking through interests, ie. recovery

- Do you have an Eating Disorder? yes

- If so please name it: anorexia

- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? more than one

- If so please name it: a good friend of mine (not on LJ), _bodysculptor, aperfect90lbs, deadweight95, fairpoppet, igahr18, ilovetobempty, whysoalone

- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? neutral, but for the most part anti, because at this point in my life, I don't know where to go from here. Stay sick as its been apart of me for three years or get better. Everyday my mind changes, therefore I don't know and most likely probably didn't answer the question.

- Why is this? look above

- Pictures: (Optional) none
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07 December 2005 @ 11:16 pm
- Name: Amy
- Age: 16
- Location: New Jersey
- How did you find this community? browsing
- Do you have an Eating Disorder? not really
- If so please name it: more like ED-NOS
- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? yes
- If so please name it: anorexia
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? neutral
- Why is this? i'm for it, but then i'm neutral and don't like the people who act as if it's the only alternative for weight loss.
- Pictures: (Optional) sorry have none =/

Height - 5'4
WT - 140ish
LW - 86
HW - 200
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05 November 2005 @ 03:38 pm
- Name: Hikki
- Age: 17
- Location: Illinois, US
- How did you find this community? Browsing Ana Communities
- Do you have an Eatinig Disorder? Not sure. Boarderline of Ana
- If so please name it: Little to no eating
- Do you know anyone with an eating disorder? My friends who've had them and still have them.
- If so please name it: Bulemia to Anorexia
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? Neutral
- Why is this? It's our own body. Maybe be destructive..but it's our choice.
- Pictures: (Optional) None as of yet.

H: 4'9"
HW: 92
CW: 83
LW: 83
L/SGW: None
BMI: 18.0
04 November 2005 @ 11:28 pm
- Name: Miriam
- Age: 18
- Location:Maine, US
- How did you find this community? just browsing though ljs
- Do you have an Eatinig Disorder? I don't consider it an eating disorder
- If so please name it: I guess if it was a name it would be extreme dieting
- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? people in other lj communities
- If so please name it: everything from Ednos to Anorexia to Bullimia
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? Pro ED
- Why is this? I don't think anyone should tell me what to do with my body especially if I'm trying to improve it
- Pictures: (Optional) i'm going to spare you the wad of lard today... plus i can't get lj cut to work

my stats if you're interested
H: 5'2
hw: 114
stgw: 100
BMI: 18.9 (yuckaroooooooo0

I'm so fucking ugly. I hope this community will help me do better with self image and help me be beautiful someday.
Hope you're all doing well. Sorry this was a bit long.
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24 September 2005 @ 10:11 am
- Name: Angel
- Age: 14
- Location: Jalisco, Mexico
- How did you find this community? Don't remember
- Do you have an Eating Disorder? Yes
- If so please name it: Anorexia
- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? Can't say I do
- If so please name it: N/A
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? Nope
- Why is this? I don't believe in celebrating my disease as a person, a thing, or something is my, "friend," or in general making a mockery our of an illness.
- Pictures: (Optional)
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23 September 2005 @ 04:05 pm
hey! i'm looking for anyone who needs motivation loosing weight and wants to motivate others to loose weight too..
doesn't matter the age, weight or anything
reply to this if your interested :)
20 September 2005 @ 11:46 pm
I am going to start updating more in-depth to a certain group filter on my journal. I really want to be open fully about my eating disorder in an attempt to understand it better, track its progress, and maybe recover, somewhat, in any small degree possible.

I want to be thin but I don't want to die either - right now my health is failing me in small, easy to hide ways.. This is a battle I need to begin and I need support, whether to encourage me or critisize. I just need conversation from people who understand.

Please add me if you are/were bulimic, engage in any type of regular binging, severe purging followed by resriction, if you are in college (especially dorms), have lost a significant amount of weight from such patterns, or if you have made any attempt to recover before.

I just need more people who will read and comment.

Thanks folks...hope all is safe and well tonight.

PS. This may be cross-posted to a few shared communities, I'm really sorry if it's annoying to see.
31 August 2005 @ 04:02 pm
I hit my 80lb goal! I'm so happy that I'm not 90 + anymore its great :D Granted I still think I'm fat so...yeah lower it is ;) Well in a little while at least cuz I promised some1 I'd wait for her to get to 80 again b4 I lost ne more...Oh well I'm back at school now so not eating has become so much easier and so its hard not to take advantage of that and just keep losing lbs but yeah I'm doing okay at the moment :) Managing to stay between 78 and 80 anyway. Oh well I should probably get to the point of this post before everyone falls asleep reading it :p Does anyone know anything other than salad that'll look like a dinner type meal and still b between 200 and 300cal?  
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01 August 2005 @ 08:46 pm
Sorry its been so long but I'm back and have started a major fast. I stupidly managed to get myself back up to 90lbs when I was back home for two weeks so I have 10lbs that have to be lost and stay lost before I start school again in four weeks time. Unfortunately my lil sis is on vacation now as well and my mums home all the time! So I need help! I've managed to get away with it for two full days now by 'going out to eat' and 'not being hungry' but I can't keep it up for ever...I've been caught out before and don't think that either my mum or I could take it again...So if anyones got any hiding techniques they'd like to share I'd be very grateful! Gd luck to anyone else on a fast! I know its hard but its most definitely worth it!   
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01 August 2005 @ 09:45 pm
X posted
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12 August 2005 @ 01:11 pm
so lately the weight i've been putting on looks like its gone to my ass and calves, and so i look here for some tips to get them down!!! does anyoe know of any exercises that might help my bum and calves? please help me!!!!!!!!!

jennette x
15 August 2005 @ 06:00 pm
ah, i've hit this plateu (sp?) and i don't seem to be losing any more weight! what can i do? thanks!
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25 July 2005 @ 10:02 am
1. this first dilema is the major one, and i'm sure i'm not the only one in this situation....or maybe i am? anyway....during the week fasting and restricting is great, that is of course since my mum is at work and i can usually pass it off that i've infact eaten when really i've just wiped sald cream round a bowl, stuck it in the dishwasher with a fork and done the dishes, that usually passes as pasta and sald cream! and it all works, i lose a couple of lbs, but then saturday comes along. now saturday days aren't that bad cos i'm at work, but work is tiring so i usually treat myself to a small bar of chocolate, but somehow when i get home and all of sunday i binge and end up putting on what i've lost and taking excessive amounts of laxatives, which i'm trying to refuse myself to buy from today (used my last 4 last night). so this is the problem and i need help and advise. how do you all do of a weekend? how do you stop yourself from binging? and since this is the only time of the week that i eat with my parents, is there anyway of me getting out of it? or excuses for how little i eat. thats another thing, mum is EXTREMLY suspicious at the moment so i'm scared if i don't eat enough infront of her she'll start questioning me again. so any advice welcome!

2. this is rather a question than a dilema but here goes... right i've now missed my period for the 4th month on the run. normally this wouldn't bother me but i'm just wondering is it because of the laxatives? since easter i have been taking laxatives nearly everyday, although i tend to stick to the recommended allowance depending on the strength. could this be causing my periods to vanish? i've missed them in the past but only like on for a month, off for a month etc, never 4months in 1 go. and now that i'm not letting myself buy laxatives anymore(mainly becuase i can no longer afford them) will i get my period back?

please help, i need advice or rather edvice as the case may be!!!!!!!

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27 July 2005 @ 08:40 pm
what do you think is the most realistic amount of weight i could lose in 1 month?

i can last long on fasts as long as nobody bothers me to eat. i'm restricting to under 500 cals a day. i can't be this fat when school starts.

137 lbs.

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21 July 2005 @ 02:24 pm
Hai Everybody. I realize that everybody isnt quite as many people as I would wish for right now... but hey. Its everybody nonetheless. I am in good ole england from Holland (where I live) So I doubt I'll be on much. Soon jamesw_05 will be following me out here so I no one will be here to accepr posts. I was thinking I might make someone mod for the time we're away... any takers??

Well on a more ed based subject for my post. Ive been forced into recovery. They hold me down and force feeed me 5 times a day and stand outside the bathroom which im only allowed to go to once in the two hours after a meal. I dont believe it. Ive never put on 20 pounds faster. Well next week I get away from the rents, and then i can starve... i can feel it in my bones. mmmmmmmm........ bones.

Well... This wont stop me. Ill just have to lose it all again. Hope you girls/guys are doing well. Ill see ya when I see ya. LOve and kisses

16 July 2005 @ 05:34 pm
I was just wondering how many people have fasted for two weeks, how much weight you lost each week, and what you did for exersize? I'm starting a fast tomorrow for the next two weeks. I completly suck at fasting, but I'm determind to make this one. Thanks for your help.

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14 July 2005 @ 10:47 am

can someone tell me if this is a photoshopped picture of Mary Kate with a bpack of cigarettes




12 July 2005 @ 10:18 pm
I fast all the time, I pretty much don't eat unless I absolutely have too, so that I can stay conscious. Anyway I've been fasting properly for the past 24 hours or so and so added to the major exercise I've been doing for the past 3 days or so I am now 90 lbs so its not far to go now till I'm back down to 88lbs and then I have all summer to loose even more weight. I don't know how low I want to go at the moment but after I hit 88 I figure 80's the next logical target to shoot for. Anyway provided I stay away from the alcohol and the fish and chips it shouldn't b that hard to fast some more when I'm away...Parents get less atentive when your on vacation...Anyway I'll be back in around two weeks so bye bye till then and good luck to everyone 
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12 July 2005 @ 05:20 pm
- Name: Sian
- Age: 16
- Location: veldhoven, netherlands
- How did you find this community? The creater told me 2 join :p
- Do you have an Eating Disorder? Yes
- If so please name it: anorexia/bulemia/over exercising...I guess I just couldn't decide.
- Do you know anyone with an eating disorder? Yes
- If so please name it: I think she pretty much does the same as me
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? Neutral
- Why is this? I think its right for some people but because of all the crap it can do to your body I wouldn't encourage anyone else to do it to themselves.
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11 July 2005 @ 04:57 pm
don't you just love not being able to breathe and passing out all morning b/c of it?

ma threatend to take me to the hospital but i wouldn't let her....i'm better now anyways. i'm just slightly dizzy.
10 July 2005 @ 11:52 am
I just had about 95-100 calories, and threw all of what I ate up. So how many calories should I count for eating today???

Does anybody know any diet plans for calorie intake under 400?