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08 January 2006 @ 08:17 am
- Name: Brittany

- Age: 26

- Location: Maryland

- How did you find this community? someone in longtobethin

- Do you have an Eating Disorder? yes

- If so please name it: anorexia

- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? a couple

- If so please name it: anorexia and bulimia

- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? neutral

- Why is this? i am neutral for the fact that i hate seeing other people suffer from this disease because its an awful one. yet at the same time, i have it and i cant seem to stop it. i just want to be skinny.
- Pictures: (Optional)

height: 5'2"
CW: 104
HW: 135 [when i was pregnant]
LW: 82

i would just like to make some friends who understand what its like to suffer from this. no matter how much weight i lose, i dont SEE it and thats the hardest thing. when i lose weight, to me, i look like i have gained weight when i look in the mirror. so i want to lose more since i cant see it. its frustrating. hopefully i can meet some of you nice people. thanks for reading.
I wish I was Forest Gump: Funkyhaudauxilium on January 8th, 2006 01:26 pm (UTC)
Welcome Brittany!
Please feel free to ask any questions or share anything, we always try to help. And I'm pretty sure there are alot of members of this community who understand what you mean and how you feel.