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04 November 2005 @ 11:28 pm
Lands are Green and Skies are Blue  
- Name: Miriam
- Age: 18
- Location:Maine, US
- How did you find this community? just browsing though ljs
- Do you have an Eatinig Disorder? I don't consider it an eating disorder
- If so please name it: I guess if it was a name it would be extreme dieting
- Do you kow anyone with an eating disorder? people in other lj communities
- If so please name it: everything from Ednos to Anorexia to Bullimia
- Are you pro ED/Anti ED/Neutral? Pro ED
- Why is this? I don't think anyone should tell me what to do with my body especially if I'm trying to improve it
- Pictures: (Optional) i'm going to spare you the wad of lard today... plus i can't get lj cut to work

my stats if you're interested
H: 5'2
hw: 114
stgw: 100
BMI: 18.9 (yuckaroooooooo0

I'm so fucking ugly. I hope this community will help me do better with self image and help me be beautiful someday.
Hope you're all doing well. Sorry this was a bit long.
My Mood: fullfull
My Tune: Downward Sprial/ Nine Inch Nails
James Wilsonjames_w05 on November 5th, 2005 12:42 pm (UTC)
Hi ... welcome to Edvice ... we are here to help so if you ever need us we are right here ...

I bet you any money you arent fat nor ugly :)

Edvice Mod